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electric truck/van

Our Imagine special vehicles are widely used in scenic spot, parks, large place of amusement, residential area, campus, villa area, city pedestrian street, airport, port and factory, which have been sold to the united states, United kingdom, South Korea and any other countries and regions. Our company has successively developed electric sightseeing car, electric patrol fire engine car, electric cleaning car, electric sprinkler, electric escort car, electric lifting car and so on, which totally fulfill requirements of our market.

  • electric fire engines

    electric fire engines

    electric fire engine
    quite small size compared to traditional fire engine, which is allowed to go into some small roads of city.

    it can be assembled with water tank, with carrying capacity of 650kgs, 1000kgs...

    it's assembled with a gas pump, can connect from outside water souces or inside water tank

    20m water pipe or meet your needs

  • electric cargo van

    electric cargo van

    electric van with loading capactiy of 1000kgs
    back cargo size is 2400mm*1500mm*1450mm, total size is 3800mm*1420mm*2020mm
    max speed can reach 50km/h
    max distance range can reach 100km on flat road
    electric power steering is optional
    AC motor is optional
    driver's door is optional

  • electric min carrier

    electric min carrier

    mini three wheel electric platform truck
    AC/DC motor available
    solid tyre

    this is a heavy duty transport vehicle excellent for transporting material or people. Designed to provide optimum maneuverability, its steering wheel knob allows for easy one handed operation, while its small turning radius enables movement aroud small passages without restriction.

  • 1000kgs electric mini truck

    1000kgs electric mini truck

    5kw motor
    speed can be adjusted from 0-35km/h
    loading area three walls can be folded down
    color is optional

  • Electric Restaurant Car

    electric restaurant car

    Electric Restaurant Car YMJ-T7 is a kind of electric restaurant truck, widely used in hotel, holiday village, tourist spot etc. The Electric Restaurant Car it also can be used to deliver any kinds of goods. Our company offers OEM that size and shape we can design is based on clients' needs.

  • Electric Fire Engine

    electric fire engine

    Imagine Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a experienced fire truck manufacturer, takes "intensive material, precision manufacturing, first service, supreme customer" as Quality Policy and continuously strive to fulfill. As a professional fire truck manufacturer, we provide OEM service and ensure our quality.

  • electric fire truck

    electric fire truck, electric fire engine

    Electric Fire Engine Car YMJ-T11 functions well with oustanding technology and excellent material. Our Electric Fire Engine Car is a kind of mini truck, enable to work as cleaning car, and lifting car.

  • Electric Garbage Truck

    Electric Garbage Truck

    As a professional electric garbage truck manufacturer in China, we have provided numerous quality garbage trucks to customers worldwide. With a top speed of 35 km/h, our electric garbage truck can travel as far as 80 KM on a single charge.

  • Electric High-pressure Washing Truck

    electric high pressure washer

    Electric High-pressure Washing Truck YMJ-S602 is ideal and efficient washing device for cleaning road, trees, green belts, lawn and so on. The electric washing truck makes full use of water and its high pressure will leave out strong power to clean.

  • electric mini truck

    golf cart, golf car

    4 seats car
    4 kw motor
    curtis controller