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small size underground shopping mall train

Detailed Product Description

Info for this kids amusements trains.


  • Train contents: 1 locomotive and 4 wagons( 3 passenger wagons and 1 coal wagon)

  • Loading Capacity: 24 kids or 18 adults( each wagon can be moved depends on your needs)

  • Max speed(KM/H): 8KM/H ( or limited depends on your needs)

  • Min. turning radius(M): 3.5m

  • Autonomy: after a fully charged, battery last for at least 15 hours on flat road

  • Battery recharged in 8 hours

  • Power: 3kw electric DC motor/sepx

  • Battery:8 lead-acid, Trojan T-105,225 Ah@20hrs. 25A output

  • Brake system: dual hydraulic system

  • Steering system: mechanical steering

  • Charger: 48V/25A automatic and intelligent

  • Dimension of wagons : passenger wagons (1440mm*1100mm*1700mm, coal wagon(1390mm*1100mm*1400mm),  caboose wagon(1540mm*1750mm*1100mm)

  • Dimension of locomotive: 2900mm*1160mm*1920mm

  • Total size(wagons+locomotive):10.5m, loaded in a 20 feet container , each wagon can be removed depends on your needs. 

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