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right hand drive Electric Ambulance

Detailed Product Description

Electric Ambulance with Cover YMJ-T4 can be designed with right-hand drive. The advantages of Electric Ambulance: anti-aging, corrosion resistance, long life cycle and low operating cost. This kind of electric ambulance is suitable for use in school campuses, parks, zoos, beaches, stadiums, etc.

Model YMJ-T4
Passenger capacity of Electric Ambulance with Cover YMJ-T4 8
Power/Voltage 3KW/48V
Range (loaded) based on flat road  (km) more than 80
Max. speed (km/h) 30
Minimum turning radius (m) 4.5
Overall dimension (mm) 3700×1460×2100
Max. climbing ability (unloading) 15%
Unloading weight(kgs) 1200
Rated loading weight (kgs) Less than 1000
Qty/40GP (Assembled) 2 units
CONFIGURATIONS ("S" stands for standard configuration and "O" stands for optional configurations)  


Part Descriptions Remarks 
Motor XQ-3-11E  48V/74A  3KW series excitation Motor
Controller StarT48/300 electronic phase interface
Battery 6V-3-DG-220, 8sets total 48V 
Charger HWC4F-4830A, full-automation
Body fibre glass 
Roof fibre glass 
Stretcher one 
Bench one 
Rack based on your needs
Steering system aluminium plate floor
Windscreen   Laminated glass
Seats: 4
backrest and cushion Sponge + artificial leather
Floor Non-slipping aluminium plate
Side rear view mirror one piece each side
Inner rear view mirror one piece each car
Windscreen wiper yes
DC-DC Convertor \
Lights Front: 2 Headlights (High beam and dipped headlight), 2 front turn signals, 2 fog lights;  Back: 2 rear turn signals, 2 taillights(position light & brake light)
Dashboard Voltameter, ammeter, speedometer, turn signal indicator, headlight indicator, emergency switch, fog light switch; Headlight switch, turn signal switch, wiper switch, radio receiver and tape player
Horn and reverse alarm yes
Steering system rack and pinion steering system 
Brake system 4-wheel drum hydraulic brake system + handbrake
Front suspension system independent suspension, cylinder hydraulic vibration absorber
Rear suspension system integrated rear end, steel plate spring suspension, cylinder hydraulic vibration absorber
Transmission system clutch, 4F+1R gear box, transmission shaft
Tyre 155R12C tubeless
Wheel steel rim
General tools Wheeljack, spanner, screwdriver, wheel spanner, combination etc.
Offer 1% invoice value spare parts free  




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