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Electric 23 Seaters Sightseeing Car

Detailed Product Description

Electric 23 Seaters Sightseeing Car YMJ-623 can hold 23 people and reach 25km per hour. Imagine Electric Vehicle Company, a professional electric touring car is engaged in the research, production and sale of electric sightseeing car. We offer OEM service.

Item Description of Electric 23 Seaters Sightseeing Car YMJ-623
Technical Parameter Overall dimensions 6300mm×1620mm×2200mm
Unloading weight 1800kg
Min. ground clearance 150mm
Max. speed (loaded) 25km/h
Max. distance range 80km
Max. climbing ability (loaded) 25%
Min. turning radius ≤5.5m
Passenger capacity 23
Electric System Battery  double 48V/220AH
Charger  input 110V-240V~50Hz-60Hz, output 48V, 25A 
Controller  72V/300A
Motor  72V/4.2KW DC series excitation 
Lighting system and horn 2 combined front lights (headlight, turning light, position light), 2 front fog lights, 2 taillight(turn signals and brake lights), horn, rear buzzer 
Dashboard meter voltammeter, ammeter, odometer, emergency switch; combined switch, meter indicator
Audio System radio and MP3 adaptor, with 2 speakers
Wiper  single arm
Steering and Suspension Transmission system rear engine Rear wheel drive(RR)
Steering system gear rack type steering machine, automatic clearance compensation function
Front axle and suspension integral front drive axle, leaf spring independent suspension
Rear axle and suspension integral type rear axle, leaf spring independent suspension
Braking system four wheel hydraulic drum brake + parking brake
Wheel & tyre steel rim, tubeless tyre 600-14
Body and Frame Frame  high quality carbon pipe welding rust frame
Body  Fiber glass
Windshield  laminated
Side rear view mirror each on both sides
Interiors System Seats senior fabric leather + higher rebound PU
Steering wheel  PU foaming steering wheel
Floor  Anti-sliding Aluminum floor mat
Options Color, rain curtains, seat belts, CD player, customers’ logo etc.


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