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6 seats Electric Ambulance

Detailed Product Description

Our Electric Ambulance with 6 Seaters YMJ-J606A has high performance and excellent quality. The product is used in school campuses, parks, zoos, beaches, stadiums, etc.

Motor 3KW Motor
Controller Curtis 
Passenger capacity 6
Power/Voltage 3KW/48V
Range (loaded) based on flat road at a speed of 20km/h (km) 80
Max. speed (km/h) 22
Minimum turning radius (m) 4.5
Overall dimension (mm) 3700×1460×2100
Max. climbing ability (loaded) 25%
Overall weight 860KGS
Qty/40' (Assembled) 3units
CONFIGURATIONS ("S" stands for standard configuration)
Part Descriptions of electric ambulance cart
Body fibre glass 
Roof fibre glass 
Windscreen   Laminated glass
1) backrest and cushion Sponge + artificial leather
2) armrest steeless
Strecher standard
Floor Non-slipping Aluminium plate
Side rear view mirror one piece each side
Inner rear view mirror one piece each car
Windscreen wiper yes
Lighting system and horn 2 combined front lights (headlight, turning light, position light), 2 front fog lights, 2 taillight (turn signals and brake lights), horn, rear buzzer 
Dashboard meter voltammeter, ammeter, odometer, emergency switch; combined switch, meter indicator
Horn and rear buzzer yes
Steering system rack and pinion steering system 
Brake system 4-wheel drum hydraulic brake system + handbrake
Front end and Suspension system independent suspension, cylinder hydraulic vibration absorber
Rear end and suspension system integrated rear end, steel plate spring suspension, cylinder hydraulic vibration absorber
Wheel and tyre steel rim, 145/60R12C


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