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  • small size underground shopping mall train

small size underground shopping mall train

compared to old gas trains, it has many advantages:
1. quiet no noise
2.pollution free, because pure electric
3.beautiful designed and smart, small size allows to be used indoor
4. capable of handling tight turns.

Info for this kids amusements trains.

  • Train contents: 1 locomotive and 4 wagons( 3 passenger wagons and 1 coal wagon)

  • Loading Capacity: 24 kids or 18 adults( each wagon can be moved depends on your needs)

  • Max speed(KM/H): 8KM/H ( or limited depends on your needs)

  • Min. turning radius(M): 3.5m

  • Autonomy: after a fully charged, battery last for at least 15 hours on flat road

  • Battery recharged in 8 hours

  • Power: 3kw electric DC motor/sepx

  • Battery:8 lead-acid, Trojan T-105,225 Ah@20hrs. 25A output

  • Brake system: dual hydraulic system

  • Steering system: mechanical steering

  • Charger: 48V/25A automatic and intelligent

  • Dimension of wagons : passenger wagons (1440mm*1100mm*1700mm, coal wagon(1390mm*1100mm*1400mm), caboose wagon(1540mm*1750mm*1100mm)

  • Dimension of locomotive: 2900mm*1160mm*1920mm

  • Total size(wagons+locomotive):10.5m, loaded in a 20 feet container , each wagon can be removed depends on your needs.

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