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  • electric min carrier

electric min carrier

mini three wheel electric platform truck
AC/DC motor available
solid tyre

this is a heavy duty transport vehicle excellent for transporting material or people. Designed to provide optimum maneuverability, its steering wheel knob allows for easy one handed operation, while its small turning radius enables movement aroud small passages without restriction.

mini electric carriers

Key Components

Battery 8x6V/220AH lead-gel

Motor 3kw

Chinese AC motor

Controller Curtis 1232


Passenger capacity 1

Range (loaded) based on flat road at a speed of 15km/h (km)* >80

Minimum turning radius (m) 3.5

Max. climbing ability (loaded) 8%

Max. movement after brake at speed of 15km/h ≤4m

Range will vary depending on temperature, grade, payload and driving style

Max. loading weight 700kgs

Net weight 800kgs


Overall dimensions (mm) 3200*1150*1720

Min. ground clearance (mm) 150

Wheelbase (mm) 1350

Front wheel tread (mm) 990

Rear wheel tread (mm) 990

Detailed Configurations: ("S" stands for Standard configuration and "O" stands for Optional configuration)

Body and Frame Frame Welded steel framework

Body Welded steel framework

Seats Black

Floor steel

Steering and Suspension Steering system rocker type

Brake system solenoid brake

Front suspension independent suspension

Rear suspension Integral rear bridge

Driving mode rear drive

Wheel & Tyre 4.00-8 solid tyre, steel rim

color optional, can accept customer's color

Standard Seat Color Black

Container loading qty DisassembledQty/20' 8unitsQty/40'/40HQ 16units

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